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About the Company

Who We Are

A client once described working with Big Picture Solutions as "having Picasso and Steve Jobs at your event." That's probably the best description of who we are: graphic facilitators with equal measures of creativity and business smarts.

What We Do

At Big Picture Solutions, we help leading organizations bring ideas to market faster. Our visual thinking approach helps diverse thinkers - from engineering to marketing to finance - understand each other's fields, generate insights and crystalize ideas. The result? Improved productivity, from everyone being on the same page … rapid innovation … and actionable plans that all can agree on.

Why We Do It

Our clients hold great visions of what's possible...for their companies, their communities, and the world. Our sole purpose is to help you make that vision a reality by drawing forth your best thinking...making it easier to be on the same page from the start, solve problems, share ideas, and inspire action. Think of us as your "second brain," crystalizing thoughts, visualizing ideas, and reflecting your best thinking back to the team in the moment so you can make more progress and make better decisions with less pain and less risk. We draw out ideas, so you can focus on being brilliant!

About Our Team

Want to know who's behind Big Picture Solutions? Meet the amazing team behind all the magic! Jeannel King, Founder and Guru of All Things Graphic | Christine Tomasello, Director of Client Experience & Practical Magic | Team BPS

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For project inquiries, please be sure to list the service you are interested in, as well as the date(s) of your event. Thanks for contacting us, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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