“Food For All” World Cafe

“Food For All” World Cafe

The San Diego Hunger Coalition uses World Cafe conversations to generate community buy-in to a larger vision of a hunger-free San Diego.

The Event: World Cafe conversation with diverse stakeholders from throughout San Diego County

The Challenge: How do you get disparate agencies on the same page and working together toward a common goal?

The Solution: Design a World Cafe conversation and incorporate graphic recording so that all guests feel seen, heard, and are working off the same page toward the same goals

Benefits: Participants loved seeing their conversations come alive in real time.  Work stayed focused, and everyone could see the same vision for the future.  Participants could share the vision with folks who were not at the event, and community groups self-organized to make progress toward that vision.

The Bottom Line: When community helps create the larger vision, community works to make that vision a reality.