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Ready or Not, Here It Comes!

Did you ever play ‘Hide and Seek’ when you were a kid?
Remember what it was like to cover your eyes with your hands and count down to the moment when you can look at how your world has changed and see who you can find? How scaryexciting it was? What would you find once you uncovered your eyes? Would you scream with delight as you ran about finding your friends? Or would everyone have magically disappeared from the face of the earth?
Do you remember this feeling?
I do. I feel it right now in the pit of my stomach. Only instead of seeing who I can find, I can’t wait to take my hands off of my eyes to see who – and what’s – found me.

It’s a great adventure!

You see, a BIG adventure starts on Monday. I take on a new full-time project and role with one of my favorite clients to help them draw forth the company culture they long to embody. Sure, I’ll probably be using my markers to help make the culture more visible, but this role requires SO much more than this. It’s an adventure for me, as much as it is an adventure for this company. And right now, it’s one big frickin’ step into the unknown for us both. Certainly the biggest step of this kind that I’ve taken since. . . well, since starting my business!

There’s no getting away from this big step, either.

I go to an astrologer every year for my birthday. (My dad became an astrologer while I was in high school, and it stuck with me.)
At any rate, when my astrologer (and astrologer friends, because I have those, too) listened to my trepidation about this new role and opportunity either being too good to be true or me being in exactly the right place at the right time, they all had the same response for me:

“It isn’t too good to be true. This is the natural result of what you’ve been working towards for the last five years, and, moreover, you can’t stop it. This thing is happening, and it’s going to be bat-shit awesome.”

(Okay, maybe all of my astrologer friends did not actually use the phrase “bat-shit awesome” but the sentiment was certainly there!)
But this got me thinking about all the transitions that so many of us seem to be embarking on this new year. Changes in career. Changes in structure. Clarity in purpose and more refined actions as a result.

We all seem to be on this fast-track to our next level, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

It’s happening.
If we were playing hide and seek with our next level, we’d be the ones standing still with our eyes covered, counting down “five, four, three, two. . . one” only to uncover our eyes and see that we’ve immediately been found!
Ready or not. Even if we aren’t quite ready to be found just yet.
Especially if we aren’t quite ready to be found just yet.

If this is the case, let’s start our year off with an intention:

Let’s choose to enjoy this stuff.
Let’s enjoy the discoveries, the realizations, the changes and evolutions. Instead of simply being swept up and away by it all, let’s take a moment to really be present to what’s happening, what we’re about to embark upon, and really enjoy it. Appreciate where we’ve come from, and be excited for our next step. . . Even if – or AS – it feels like we’re stepping off a cliff into a great unknown, or making every step up as we go along.
Let’s enjoy the thrill of the new. The tingling tightness in the pit of our stomach. This delicious combination of fear and excitement, like the moment before a roller coaster drops you over the crest of its initial rise and into the first mad descent into its wild ride.

Let’s enjoy it. . . because it’s happening.

Ready or not, here it comes in five. . . four. . . three. . . two. . . one.
Uncover your eyes and smile with delight. What do you see?
I cannot WAIT to see what you draw forth,

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Good luck on this exciting new adventure! I too am at the precipice of big change*. Your post helped me remember the sweetness that followed those scary moments when you take a chance and put your _ _ _ (rhymes with class) on the line! Thanks and best wishes!! *I refocus my career and become a graphic facilitator.

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