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Things to know before you explore

Doodle of Jeannel King holding up drawing of idea

  • I use what I recommend.  All the resources listed here are ones I personally use and like.  No blind recommendations or paid endorsements here!
  • I’m a Mac user.  As a result, there aren’t many resources listed for Windows/PC users.
  • I love paper.  Books, in particular.  Maybe it’s the GenX coming out in me… maybe it’s because I’ve always been an avid reader.  So while there are websites listed here, don’t discount the books.  Because they rock!
  • I believe that What You Draw Is Good Enough.   You won’t find any master-class drawing resources here.  (Read my eBook if you want to learn more about my Good Enough drawing philosophy.)
  • I believe that graphic facilitation and graphic recording are NOT the same thing.  (Yes, I’m a purist.) You’ll find resources for designing and facilitating group processes in the “facilitation” section, and resources for visually capturing and translating experiences in real-time in the “graphic recording” section.
  • What works for me may not work for you.  We’re different people with different needs, after all.  Feel free to use what works for you and leave what doesn’t.  I won’t be offended!
  • I believe there’s always more out there.  Got a great resources that isn’t on the list?  Tell me about it… I’m always looking to learn and grow!