Pick up the pen and just have fun!

For Drawing Good Enough

Resources For Drawing Good Enough

"Good Enough" drawing by @ll_coolray



What You Draw Is Good Enough, a FREE eBook by Jeannel King.  (Hey, that’s me!)  If you’d like to pick up the pen but think that you can’t draw, then this is the place to start.  One part inspiration, one part motivation, and one part helpful hints, this short eBook is not about showing you how to draw… as much as it’s about showing you why what you can already draw is good enough!

The Sketchnote Handbook: the illustrated guide to visual note taking, by Mike Rohde. If you want to draw for yourself in a safe – yet somewhat structured – way, then sketch notes are a great place to start.  And there’s no better book than Mike’s on the subject.  After all, this guy is the main reason why sketch notes have become so popular over recent years!  (Plus he’s just a great guy in general.)

Make A World, by Ed Emberley.  Heck, ANYTHING by Ed Emberley!  His drawing books were written for children, but are used by kids and pros alike.  They are simply wonderful.

What You Draw Is Good Enough (video).  Watch this three minute video I created a few years ago to discover what you draw IS good enough… and why!



Good Enough Drawing Tutorials.  This gallery features an assortment of tutorial images that walk you thorough how to draw, well, pretty much anything… usually in three easy steps.

The Grimace Project. Ever wondered how to capture an expression in your drawing?  Say, joy with a twinge of sadness?  Well, this awesome website (inspired by Scott McCloud’s work) allows you adjust emotion sliders that affect a face so you can SEE what characterizes that facial expression!  So cool, I had to download the app!

Google Images.  If you’ve EVER needed an icon to represent a concrete or abstract concept, Google Images is the easiest resource to turn to.  When I need to draw something and I’m not sure what it could look like, I’ll go to Google Images and do a search for the thing I’m wondering about (e.g. paradox) and “Clip Art.”  Then I puruse the image results until I see something that gives me an idea, and I run with it!  (Hint: I search for “clip art” because those images are typically created with the fewest lines… a great thing for a graphic recorder to work with.)



Sketchcamp San Diego Draws Good Enough.  This blog post features cool drawings created by UX designers during San Diego’s first Sketchcamp conference.  Check them out and get inspired!

The ‘Big Picture Solutions’ Facebook Page.  Like my company’s Facebook page and check out the drawings that other folks have shared over time for another dose of inspiration. Or – dare I suggest it? – post your own drawings there and inspire others!