Messages coming to life, drawn on the whiteboard

For Whiteboard Animation

For Whiteboard Animation

Jeannel King walking team through the next whiteboard animation video shot
Whiteboard animation videos are inevitably more complex – and expensive – to put together than people expect. Here are some resources to educate you on what to expect… as well as some alternate approaches that may better meet your needs.

Recorded Training Series: How to Become a Whiteboard Animation Ninja

Whiteboard Animation NinjaIn this 4-part recorded training series, whiteboard animation veteran Jeannel King teaches you how whiteboard animation videos are made…from script to storyboard to setup to shoot!


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Whiteboard Animation “Big Picture” Process Map

Process Map from Jeannel King’s Whiteboard Animation 101 conference workshop. Part of the handouts from my Whiteboard Animation 101 conference session I led in 2012, this map walks you through the basic flow of creating a whiteboard animation video… from the visual practitioner’s perspective.


I’ve written a few blog posts that folks have found helpful when approaching their own whiteboard animation projects:

How We Made A Gloriously-Imperfect, RSA-Style, Whiteboard Animation Video.  Read by tens of thousands. If you want a behind-the-scenes peek at how these videos are put together, this is the blog post for you.

Creating a Whiteboard Animation Video Script in 9.5 Steps. For many, the script is the hardest part of the video process. This post includes some tips for getting that script done.

Whiteboard Animation Q&A – Camera Set-Up for Transitions
Whiteboard Animation Q&A – Which Video Camera Choice is Best?
Video Editors and Whiteboard Animation Videos


Neither of these are actually whiteboard animation per-se, but they may provide you with a product that is good enough to get the job done.

VideoScribe, by Sparkol. I’ve seen folks advertise that they “create whiteboard animation videos,” when in actuality they are using this tool.  And it’s clearly not whiteboard animation.

This subscription software service that allows you to drop and drag pre-loaded clip art to create a video that simulates the look of whiteboard animation. I subscribed to this service, used it once, and decided that I could never use it for a client and feel good about the product. (Having experienced real whiteboard animation – drawn on a real whiteboard by a real person – I’m a bit biased on this one.) As this software evolves, my hope is that the the poor quality of the sequencing of the image rendering may improve.  However, that said, this tool could provide you with a quick-and-dirty faux-animation video that could meet your needs for LESS MONEY than a real whiteboard animation video would ever be done for.  (Warning: you will probably still want to bring in a videographer to edit your recorded footage, synching it to your audio track.  And there’s a learning curve for using this tool effectively.  But play around with it and see how it could work for you!)

Brushes App, by Taptrix, Inc.  This drawing app has a feature that provides a VERY LOW COST alternative to traditional whiteboard animation: you can record your drawing as you draw it on your tablet.  When you play the recording back, you will be able to see the drawing unfold before your eyes… without a hand on the screen, just the drawing.  Which is pretty cool, but it’s not whiteboard animation.  However, if what you’re really looking for is the drawing unfolding and you don’t need the hand in the shot, then this approach can work out pretty well.  (Again, you’ll probably want to bring in that videographer to edit your recorded footage, synching it to your audio track.)