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The welcoming environment of a World Cafe


The World Cafe: Shaping Our Future Through Conversations That Matter, by Juanita Brown, David Issacs, the World Cafe Community, and Peter Senge.  This book shares stories and other insights from the folks who started it all.  If you haven’t actually attended a Cafe, this book is a great way to get a feel for what the Cafe experience is like.  The official website for the World Cafe process and community.  This place is chock-full of resources, stories, tips from the community of practice, and then some… including these next two resources which I use with every World Cafe project:

The World Cafe Presents… Cafe To Go!  A straightforward quick-start guide from the World Cafe community.  Fantastic resource, and one I use all the time.

The Art of Powerful Questions: Catalyzing Insight, Innovation, and Action, by Eric Vogt, Juanita Brown, and David Isaacs. If you are designing a World Cafe, you’ve got to (GOT TO) put the time into crafting powerful questions that are aligned with the true purpose of your Cafe.  The World Cafe community did a great job with this document, and I consider it required reading for all my World Cafe clients.



Learning Map #2: World Cafe (English/German), by Neuland.  When I’m working with clients on a World Cafe, most of them don’t have the time to read a large document about the process.  Guido Neuland and his team have done a great job of creating an easy-to-grok overview of the process of designing and hosting a World Cafe… in the size of a roadmap.  Plus, it’s visual!  I own several copies of this map, because I always seem to be loaning one out to a client or two.