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Solving problems and sharing ideas with simple pictures

Tell me about this "Graphic Facilitation" stuff...

Graphic Facilitation blends visual tools and templates with traditional facilitation processes to make your group's work easier (and, okay, more fun!) You can expect your graphic facilitator to actively design and (co)facilitate your meeting. You can also turn to your graphic facilitator to create visual templates, boards, and other guides before the event to facilitate specific exercises or activities.
We're so glad you asked! It can be confusing, especially as more and more practitioners use these two terms interchangeably. We don't.  If you are looking for someone to draw your meeting in real time, then you're looking for our Graphic Recording services.  If you are looking for someone to either create facilitation templates/boards in advance of your project, or if you're looking for someone to actively design and (co)facilitate your meeting, then you're in the right place!
Whether it's designing and actively facilitating group processes, or creating visual tools and templates to help you facilitate your group, the end goal is always the same: to help your team work off the same page from the they can be clear on where they want to go and how they need to get there.
It depends. (Sorry...but it's true!) Graphic facilitation takes many forms...from activity templates to active event design and facilitation. We want to make sure we provide the right level of graphic facilitation for your project...which is why we start every project conversation with a scoping call. For studio work, we typically price it as a lump-sum project so you know exactly what to expect. For on-site services, we typically charge a day rate plus travel expenses. However, we work closely with our clients to craft the solution that best meets everyone's needs...and that includes your event's budget. Because of this, the best thing for us to do is to speak over the phone to better understand your project's needs. During this scoping call, we'll discuss your project's needs and objectives, and share some graphic facilitation options that could help you achieve your goals. From there, we'll review the basic numbers involved for your particular project's needs and you can decide what works best for you.
Cool! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page...odds are good that someone else has had the same question. And you're always welcome to contact us with any questions, too! Email is the best way to reach us, so complete that contact form below and let's chat!
Awesome...that's great news! First, fill out the contact form below. We'll check our availability for your project date and schedule that scoping call with you. Once we have a better understanding of your project's needs, we'll offer the solutions that would best meet your project's needs, and you can decide what works best for you. That call gets followed up with an action plan - a two page letter outlining the details of your project, the service(s) you are interested in, the costs involved, exactly what you can expect, and what our next steps would be. If everything looks good on the action plan, we'll follow it up with a project agreement and deposit invoice. Your signed agreement and paid deposit serve to reserve your event date...and from there it's smooth sailing all the way!

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For project inquiries, please be sure to list the service you are interested in, as well as the date(s) of your event. Thanks for contacting us, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

  • Look no further for your graphic facilitator. As Executive Director of the San Diego Hunger Coalition, we sorely needed a means to capture broad, complex as well as some detailed regional information generated during a dynamic and interactive conference of expert stakeholders. This needed to be done in a way that allowed us to easily communicate the content of our event. We chose Jeannel, because her portfolio looked great, she was fabulous to work with personally (seriously) and she authentically engaged us in order to really understand our needs. The results were phenomenal. As she drew, the graphics helped propel and facilitate dialogue. Her presence helped us: 1) maximize the time of (and impress) our stakeholders and 2) have a more effective event delivering more content than we would have generated without her. We could re-engage these people with attractive and communicative materials and engage those who did not attend. Finally, it helped staff--via posting her graphics on our walls—monitor in an efficient AND effective way that our work was in-line with stakeholder needs. This would not have been as easy without her graphics, and to a certain degree, impossible had we merely captured minutes.
    John Criswell, San Diego Hunger CoalitionExecutive Director
  • For two different content strategy presentations, Jeannel reviewed early drafts and listened to final run-throughs. She provided clear, spot-on advice (verbally and visually) about slide visuals, missing connections between concepts, slow areas, and more. I found her feedback and ideas to be invaluable. She's also a great confidence builder. I highly recommend her.
    Shelly Bowen, Pybop LLCPrincipal Content Strategist
  • I've known Jeannel for about a year, and finally hired her to help me strategize the growth of my company. That was hands down one of the best decisions I've made for my business! I finally got so many thoughts out of my head and down on paper, in a way that made sense and is memorable. A funny coincidence is that only two weeks after meeting with her, I actually found a similar plan that I'd hand written months before, in a list format, that I'd completely forgotten that I'd even done! That goes to show how using the visual learning technique that she implements is far more useful, simple, and memorable than just writing lists.
    Manda WallbridgePrincipal / Commercial Interior Designer
  • Having Jeannel attend and capture one of your events is like having Picasso and Steve Job combined show up - full of an ability to translate 'code' into inspiring visual and create art and expression out of the routine in a way that inspires people is her true gift. Jeannel helps bring life to the words we throw around and that rarely get captured in all their power. Her ability to put words and ideas into visuals that create action is uncanny. Plus she is a pure JOY to work with. Hire Jeannel and you get way MORE than you ask for.
    Christine Arylo, Madly In Love With MeInspirational Catalyst, best-selling author, inspirational and transformational speaker, coach
  • Your process was extraordinarily valuable in understanding exactly what worked in a recent speech I gave. The unusual combination of your visual representation and your written description is the most powerful feedback system I've encountered. Your visual notes are pure gold. I cannot recommend your process highly enough to individuals and corporations who want to take their systems and processes to the highest level.
    Ann ConveryProfessional Training & Coaching Consultant and Contractor
  • Jeannel is a delight to work with. Her talent is beyond impressive and her ability to translate the spoken word into graphical content makes recording meetings a memory making experience. I have witnessed her listening to speakers and quietly converting the most intricate points into artwork. Jeannel is also a uniquely balanced person who appreciates relationships, works hard to exceed expectations and excels in showcasing her clients as superstars.
    Carol HianSan Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • I’m a visual thinker and learner and Jeannel’s talent and skill helped me create a vision for my new business that is authentic and as unique as my personality. I couldn't sleep that night because I got so inspired by her coaching and I’m bursting with excitement about how clear my direction is since meeting with her. Individuals and organizations won’t be disappointed if Jeannel is part of their Big Picture Solution!
    Krista BerryConsultant
  • I always learn so much at conferences but struggle to keept he learnings "top of mind." Putting up Jeannel's graphic notes from a session will be a fantastic way to keep the value with me day after day! She absolutely added another layer of depth and learning to our event.
    Jenny MagicPrincipal/ VP of Content Strategy
  • Jeannel's artwork is an exact capture of what was going through my head while I was listening. When I look at this again, I'll be able to feel just as inspired as I was the first time I heard the speech. My own notes are a poor shadow of what I heard! She's truly amazing!
    Meredith GronroosWriter | Blogger | Experienced Sales and Business Development | Technology Trainer
  • Saw Jeannel King work her magic at an event this past week... truly amazing! She quietly and efficiently turned the keynote speaker's message into an amazing picture, right before our eyes. From the way the group flocked to the picture after the event ended ( me included!) I have no doubt that this method of communication will work similarly to ASL ... a real talent walks among us! Got my mind thinking as to how to have Jeannel work on a project for my company.....can't wait to incorporate her medium for my clients... Great Job!
    Elizabeth BakerProject Management | Product Development & Sourcing | Collateral Design | Graphic Design
  • Jeannel's visual facilitation identified "show stoppers" and weak areas of the proposal in the first meeting. This provided the team the opportunity search the organization for additional technical expertise to fill gaps, and develop a risk mitigation plan. Most importantly, Jeannel's visual facilitation identified key conflicts in the team. Nearly all serious research teams have different interpretations of the same language. As a result, team members feel like they are all on the same page, until the first draft of the proposal is written, and then, late in the process, they realize that their ideas are incompatible, and they struggle to unify prior to proposal submission. Jeannel's facilitation process identified all of these key conflicts by the end of the second meeting, at which point they could be resolved before writing assignments were given out.
    Jamie LawsonPrinciple Investigator/Fellow
  • In my many travels and with the variety of people I have met I had yet to meet someone with such a special skill as Jeannel's. She has the ability to capture in visual representation the information AND the feeling and "heartbeat" of the presentation. Her visuals tell a story for those who attended as well as those who did not. My own presentation involved some relatively complex psychological concepts. Jeannel captured the most important aspects of the information perfectly along with the important "moods" and "responses" of those who attended. By capturing all of this Jeannel's work gives me not only an important piece to show others interested in learning about these concepts, but also a piece I can reflect upon as a presenter to gain insight in to how the group reacted to the information discussed. I would recommend Jeannel for any situation where capturing the information and the response to the information is a component of the learning, planning, or execution.
    Mark WickliffeVP Sales & Marketing
  • Jeannel's mastery at graphical recording/note taking is quite astounding. She conveys ideas quickly and concisely with illustrative skills that leave everyone saying, "Where did you learn how to do that and how can I learn how?!"
    Jason DarlingEducation and Marketing Coordinator
  • Jeannel has a way of pulling information out of your brain and putting it on paper in a way that is fun, insightful, and motivating. I used her expertise to help me organize my thoughts and ideas for my business. The skills that she taught me have been invaluable. I now look forward to brainstorming and look forward to hiring her again the next time I get stuck on an idea.
    Kristin StewartOwner, Serenity Simplified
  • Jeannel's work is excellent - the best way I have seen for distilling difficult to understand development concepts to a seemingly simple artistic representation that actually conveys vast amounts of information.
    Tyler HewesAssociate Director at Mainly Mozart
  • Jeannel has unmatched passion and commitment to call forth and support the changemakers of the 21st century.
    Howard MasonTransformation Architect
  • Jeannel expertly captured the essence of the presentations and brainstorming sessions from our two-day corporate foundation Leadership Workshop. This freed up the staff to enteract with the 50 participants instead of trying to capture what was discussed. Her "graphic recordings" not only serve as functional "minutes" of the meeting we will use to report on the meeting outcomes, but are also beautiful works of art that we will proudly display in our offices. She is very personable and a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a unique and interesting way to facilitate a meeting, I highly recommend hiring Jeannel and Big Picture Solutions for your next event.
    Kevin Webb, Mitsubishi Electric American Foundation
  • I originally found Jeannel through the IFVP network for an event in her hometown of San Diego. I've since hired her and/or recommended her for over 5 Dell events across California. I was immediately impressed with Jeannel's positive energy, organized approach and creative contributions to our events. Jeannel is truly a one-stop shop and makes each event we work on together a breeze! She provides all materials needed, captures all the highlights from the conversations graphically and seamlessly fits in with all of our event attendees. I highly recommend working with Jeannel!
    Sarah Luden, Dell Computer Corporation
  • A strategic power house, Jeannel has provided graphic recording and graphic facilitation for two team events and I can't wait to make it three! She brings her insight and talent into the room making every interaction more impactful. If you are interested in doing something different in order to make an impact on your team, business, customer: Jeannel is your golden ticket! And as a bonus, she's an all around fantastic person!
    Poppy Fitch, Ashford University
  • I have worked with Jeannel a couple of times now as a graphics facilitator and I am consistently amazed with her content and approaches. She has a very unique ability to break down very complex subjects into approachable and fun problem-solving workshops. By taking away over-thinking and boundaries through rapid-fire graphics facilitation, groups break down problems to their core essence in an environment where everyone’s talents and opinions are equal. This allows for participants to be part of the creative process in a way that is accessible to everyone. Ideas flourish in her workshops.
    Bennett King, UX Speakeasy
  • Jeannel is one of the most passionate and talented professionals I've ever met. She is brilliant at taking complex topics and making them easy to understand. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to bring clarity into their organization, business, project, etc. She is a true visionary.
    Felena Hanson, Hera Hub
  • From the first meeting, Jeannel impressed me. She listened carefully to what I was wanting to accomplish, asked questions, gave great suggestions, drafted samples for us to review together, and in the end, I ended up with an incredible product! The online course has been a hit- many employees have commented on Jeannel's memorable and creative illustrations. Thank you, Jeannel!
    Allison Znachko, Palomar HealthIS Educator
  • It was clear from the beginning that [Jeannel] understood exactly what we were going for, and she showed a lot of initiative in using her own expertise to tailor something that would be just right for our audience. What Jeannel produced at the three-day event exceeded our expectations! She expertly captured not only the information, but also the emotion, of each speaker and their personal story. The response from our conference participants and speakers was also well beyond what we expected. I cannot imagine a better person to do this work than Jeannel. I was blown away by how she could listen and interpret spoken word into art, and with such speed and ease. We will definitely use Jeannel King and Big Picture Solutions again, and we give her our highest recommendation.
    Torrie Dunlap, Kids Included TogetherChief Executive Officer
  • Working with Jeannel on a special project to promote my new book, Lead with LUV, has been a joy. She met with us to understand our dream, made suggestions about how to prepare the content, then took our script and made it come alive.  Our internal team had a great time working with Jeannel to get her fun images on video, and she was a terrific cheerleader during the video editing process. The final product is outstanding. In every way, working with Jeannel was a delight.
    Ken BlanchardChief Spiritual Officer
  • It’s clear from her work that Jeannel King is a wonderful, talented artist. What may not be obvious, though, is how her art brings clarity, organization, and direct communication to a meeting. We have used Jeannel exclusively to facilitate our strategic planning meetings and use graphic recording to help the decision makers define our marketing and business plans. She brings an outsider’s perspective to the meeting and helps unite participants. Not only would I recommend Jeannel King to anyone in need of clarity in the business process, but I will continue to be a lifelong client.
    Dominique MolinaPresident
  • Jeannel has helped me numerous times with critical business strategies. She is an expert at drawing out big ideas and helping me organize my various business goals. Her expertise has been imperative to my forward movement. She helped me to "SEE" where my business is going and helped me create a clear "PICTURE" of all the moving parts. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to bring clarity into their organization, business, project, etc. Jeannel is a true visionary!
    Felena Hanson, Hera HubOwner/Founder
  • This was the first time that we created and implemented a strategic plan using a visual model...and the results speak for themselves: seven months later, we’ve already completed 90% of our plan...and have asked Jeannel to come back! The results we’ve achieved from that strategic planning session far surpassed my expectations. Not only is Jeannel a skillful and insightful facilitator, but her visual facilitation process played a key factor in our success.
    John Ohanian, 2-1-1 San DiegoExecutive Director