Increase Visibility

Message Visibility - doodle by Jeannel KingDo You…

  • Have a powerful message to share but don’t know how to get it out?
  • Feel like you are “one voice in a crowd.”
  • Strive to inspire others to share what you have to offer virally?
  • Want to cut through the noise and visibly stand out?

So, you’ve done the hard work and created something awesome that you want to share with the world. How are you going to create raving fans in a world where your target audience is constantly being bombarded by everyone else’s message? It’s simple—get VISUAL!

By taking your documents, campaigns, presentations, reports, story, or anything else that you want to get out, and making them visual, people can see, hear and connect in a powerful new way.

Your awesomeness deserves to be visible.


To increase your message’s visibility, try these solutions:

WHITEBOARD ANIMATION for video messages

GRAPHIC RECORDING for big-picture meetings and events

SKETCHNOTES for social media sharing