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Christine Tomasello

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Christine Tomasello is Big Picture Solutions’s Director of Client Experience & Practical Magic, and acts as Head Coach to Team BPS, our A-MAZING group of Facilitators, Graphic Recorders, and Practitioners. She joined Big Picture Solutions in 2014 and in her time with us, has helped revamp our operational processes and implement new administrative systems. She has also helped our fearless leader, Jeannel keep her head on straight!


In addition to her business background, Christine has her Masters in Counseling and practiced as a Marriage and Family Therapist for several years. When Christine isn’t coordinating offensive strategies for Team BPS, she can be found leading workshops and classes through Joyful Coaching and enjoying one of the many splendid coffee shops in San Diego.

P.S. Christine loves to make new friends. Click here to connect with her on LinkedIn!

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