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Video Editors and Whiteboard Animation Videos

Wanting to create your own whiteboard animation video, but wondering about which editing tools to use?  You’re not alone!

Q: I’m thinking about doing a couple of types of videos myself but wanted to know what video editor is best for whiteboard animation? – M.J., via email

A:  Great question!  With regard to video editors, I’ll be honest:
I leave the choice of video tools to the video editing experts. (I draw, they film and edit.) ;^)
That said, that the best tool for a DIYer is the one they’d actually be able to use.  Seriously!
When it comes to a basic whiteboard animation video, you will need to sync the audio track with a sped-up video track… and have some level of control as to which video segments are timed faster to match the audio flow… and which ones need to progress more slowly to stay in sync.
It’s actually a sophisticated level of editing, however, because you aren’t simply doubling or tripling the playback speed of the video then syncing that to your separate audio track. Rather, you are speeding up many small samples of video to match the corresponding sections on the separate audio track. So whichever tool you choose, you’ll want more than a basic ability to stretch and shrink video playback speeds.
And since my core skill set is in the translation of people’s messages into powerful images, I let the pros do what they are best at rather than trying to do this particular piece myself.  After all, part of what makes the Ken Blanchard video really work (in my opinion) is how well paced the editing is… and even the special effects they added which – on first watching – you may not even notice, because they are so subtle, but really add some punch to the pacing and flow of the video.
So, my best advice would be:
– when shooting each part of your sequence, use a clapstick at the start of each shot to mark where the audio can start syncing.
– shoot your segments and record your audio track separately
– take your favorite videographer out for a cup of coffee and get them to tell you what video editing software they prefer
– see if they’d be willing to consult with you on the project (if you’re dead set on doing this piece yourself) to help your first video/audio sync be a success.
This may not have been the response you were hoping for (e.g. “go out and buy Movie Maker X.0”), but it’s the best one I can give you for your project.But that’s because more than the choice of tool, the success of your animation edit it’s about your SKILL with the tool.

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