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When it comes to your business, don’t be bacon.

Breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day. In my book, a finely-crafted breakfast is a thing of beauty.
Case in point: the gluten-free French toast from the Fig Tree Cafe in Hillcrest.

Photo Credit: Fig Tree Cafe

Photo Credit: Fig Tree Cafe

When I was diagnosed as being allergic to gluten, I thought my French toast days were over. (As far as breakfast foods go, I LOVE French toast!) So I was pretty heartbroken with the prospect of losing out on this favorite breakfast item. . . until I got to try the French toast from the Fig Tree Cafe. THIS stuff isn’t just good for gluten-free French toast: it’s fantastic French toast! Period. Their French toast is a thing of beauty. (Seriously. Angels should be flying about the sides of this picture, singing songs of praise.)
The Fig Tree Cafe is the only place I go for French toast nowadays. And I always get it with bacon.

But here’s the thing.

I also get bacon when I go to the diner. Or Disneyland. Or to the breakfast BBQ with my friends. Or the breakfast buffet over at Whole Foods.
On the breakfast plate, bacon is a commodity. It doesn’t matter where we get it, or where it even comes from. Basically, if there’s bacon, we’re happy. Even mediocre bacon is better than no bacon. (The bacon at a hotel’s breakfast buffet may have been way overcooked, but that doesn’t stop this road warrior from eating it!)
The fact is, anywhere they are serving bacon, I’ll probably go for it. I feel no loyalty or preference when it comes to where I get my bacon at a restaurant.
But the only place I’ll go for French toast is the Fig Tree Cafe.

This is what I want for your business, too.

I want you to be the Fig Tree Cafe’s French toast. I want you to be that delectable and unique offering that folks can’t get anywhere else but from you.
It’s the difference between a client saying “I need someone and I don’t care who it is” and “I want YOU and nobody else.”
Don’t be the business offering that people enjoy, but would honestly be fine getting from just about anywhere.
Don’t be bacon. Be something unique.
As always, I cannot wait to see what you draw forth!

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