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World Sketchnote Day is January 11th!

How cool is this! Leave it to Mike Rohde and our awesome friends at Sketchbook Army to create an international holiday for sketchnoting!
January 11th is World Sketchnote Day! Woot! If you love sketchnoting, appreciate the beauty that shines through someone’s sketchnote, or would simply like an excuse to pick up the pen and give it a try, then THIS is the day for you!
Learn more about how to join in the sketchnote celebration by clicking on the link. This is also the place to register for your chance to win groovy prizes (including a few from Jeannel King!).
Am we down for the adventure? Heck yeah we are! ;^)
The big question is: are you? :^D
Here are the deets, straight from the (World Sketchnote Day website’s) horse’s mouth:

Every year on January, 11th, starting in 2016, we celebrate World Sketchnote Day!

For 24 hours on January 11th of each year (starting in 2016), sketchnoters and sketchnote enthusiasts across the world will celebrate the technique that disrupted note-taking and visual communications!

2016 Official Hashtag: #SNDay2016


What is World Sketchnote Day?

In 2007, Mike Rohde coined the term “sketchnote” and over the years it was adopted by a huge number of people around the world.
We want to gather our friendly and welcoming community of sketchnoters around a bonfire for one day to share our love for sketchnotes and to express our sketchnote-nerdyness and sometimes obsession for our tools.
World Sketchnote Day IS for everyone, from beginners to experts, and enthusiasts to professionals. If you can create marks on paper, you are welcome to join us!
Sketchnote Army is facilitating this event to say thank you to the sketchnote community.

How to celebrate


  • Share the Love! Let your Friends know about World Sketchnote Day!

  • The simplest way: jump in the challenge and create one or more sketchnotes working on these themes:

    “Sketchnotes are…”
    “Sketchnotes changed my life because… ”
    “I wish I could create a sketchnote for… “

    Don’t forget to share your work with the #SNDay2016 hashtag!

  • Organize a sketchnoting meetup in your city: Grab some post-its, a marker and decorate your office, the bus, the train, the subway while commuting, the gym — everywhere with mini-sketchnotes, then share photos with the world.

  • Hang a large piece of paper somewhere and start a visual conversation with work colleagues or even strangers

  • Gift yourself or a friend a new pen/pencil/marker.

  • Gift yourself or a friend a new notebook

  • Build a hand bound notebook and draw a gorgeous cover on it

  • Create a small sketchnoted coloring book for your own kids, nephews or little friends
    Whatever you choose, don’t forget to share with #SNDay2016 hashtag and let us know!

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